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Well-designed Perfectly Created
Product advantages
— Helping the manufacturing industry to realize production automation —
Improve efficiency
Serve the people well
Quality Assurance
Easy to operate
Intimate and humanized design concept, concise and fast intelligent configuration application. Automatic and trouble-free, trustworthv.
Enthusiastic and thoughtful service, strive to create a social energy saving and environmental protection, reduce emissions and optimize environmental development.
High quality and exquisite optimization, peace of mind, convenience and generosity, effectively improve the guarantee of product measures.
Al alarm, timer, countdown lids are basically the same as the original ordinary lids, and the instructions are simple and clear.
~Good life, Japanese life~
sculptor hoboyang
Quality life, relaxed family
— Real-time attention to new information allows you to quickly grasp —
      In recent years, the world's electrical intelligent industry has developed rapidly, which has brought substantial changes to human beings in terms of convenience, energy saving and time savi...
About us
~Focus on the development pattern of human science and technology~
The company is committed to the research and development of electronics, electrical appliances and machinery, focusing on the innovation of new intelligent use technology, focusing on promoting the development of the human development pattern, and integrating all independent brands with independent development, production, sales and after-sales service to create a global leading position. Transform traditional industries with emerging technologies, form systematic and selective development of high-performance cross-century formats, and serve electrical appliances for emerging industries. Vigorously develop and promote the use of applicable supporting system technologies to serve the revitalization of the local economy. Strengthen and support applied research and basic research that have a profound impact on global economic development, and strive to benefit mankind.
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